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A. Cherubini & Figli Srl - Via Citernese 148 - 06016 San Giustino (Perugia - Italy)
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A. Cherubini & Figli S.r.l.
Sale of used earth-moving machinery
Via Citernese, 148 - 60016 San Giustino (PG), Italy
Tel/Fax (+39) 075 8560161
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The company was founded by Abramo Cherubini, who set himself up as a sole trader under the name "Cherubini Pasquale Abramo & Figli di Cherubini Pasquale Abramo" and registered the business as Company Number 12119 in the Companies’ Register of the Province of Perugia on October 1, 1929. The company was based in Via del Mercato Vecchio, in the centre of the town of San Giustino, and its activities were listed as the sale of general farm machinery, the repair and reconstruction of tractors and threshing machines and the construction of replacement parts. The company employed a total of ten staff, including several apprentices.

Following the death of the owner, the following members of his family assumed control of the company:

- his wife, Iolanda Del Citerna, born on 20/12/1901

- his son Alceo Cherubini, born on 16/12/1927

- his son Romano Domenico Cherubini, born on 03/03/1929

- his daughter Maria Stella Cherubini, born on 14/11/1941

The company retained its name, with Alceo Cherubini becoming the managing director. The number of employees remained constant despite the boardroom upheaval.

Company’s history saw it achieve considerable success and it soon became a leading name in the industry throughout central Italy. A new, 700m2 facility in Via Gubbio (previously known as Via delle Libertà) was opened to carry out operations such as washing, overhauling, assembling and coating. The new site was suitable for both construction and reconstruction projects and had space for 10 vehicles. To learn more about this period in Cherubini’s history, please take a look at the photo album.
Was transformed yet again when it was registered in the Register of Artisanal Companies (Registration Number 21750, dated 18/1/1967) as a de facto company under the name "A. CHERUBINI & FIGLI", with the following directors:

- Alceo Cherubini
- Luigia Maria Zanchi

Without changing the make-up of the company, an increasingly ambitious business plan was implemented. This plan led to the construction of a new, 3000m2 facility on a 6000m2 site that also played host to a 200m2 display area. The new facility was located in the industrial hub in Bevilacqua, within the municipality of San Giustino.An additional factory building, equal in size to the original, was added in 1974 and enabled the deployment of new technologies such as:
- compressed-air tyre system
- bridge crane
- coating booth
- washing facility
- porphyry floor for the transport of heavy vehicles

These innovations boosted both the quality and the scale of the company’s operations. In 1974, the owner, Alceo Cherubini, was honoured as a Knight of the Italian Republic (No. 4150, Section III, issued on June 2, 1974, by Italian President Giovanni Leone).
1985, the company’s status was changed to that of a limited partnership (as per the Notarial Deed issued on 19/01/1985) and soon after, on 17/06/1987 to be precise, another Notarial Deed confirmed the appointment of Alceo Cherubini’s children

- Rossano Cherubini
- Alessandro Cherubini

as directors. The corporate structure of the business has remained unchanged ever since. The company has also retained many of the same personnel within its workforce for many years and Cherubini’s dedication to enhancing the quality of its work has never wavered. In recent times, the business has focused increasingly on the construction and reconstruction of earth-moving machinery, such as excavators and heavy-duty bulldozers, though the company still continues to deal with agricultural machinery. Over the years, the company’s ongoing commitment has resulted in it becoming renowned throughout Italy and beyond – Cherubini is now involved in both import and export operations with countries in the EU and even further afield.
Registered with the IEC (Import/Export Code) No. PG 00534 since 10/05/1983.

Mindful of new and emerging market trends, Cherubini has invested heavily in its infrastructure and facilities – a new 3400m2 plant has now taken its place alongside the existing 2030m2 facility. The company has also purchased new machinery and installed special systems:
- new Modular V 30 coating booth (15x6x7m)

- sandblasting booth with automatic recycling (8.5x4.5x4m)
- internal washing facility

On 21/4/04, the company changed its status from a limited partnership to a limited company, as per the Notarial Deed issued on that date. In addition, Cherubini registered with the Perugia Business Register on 3/05/2004.

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